The computer network, types of computer networks and network topologies

Computer Network

Types of Computer Networks

  1. Local Area Network(LAN)
  2. Metropolitan Area Network(MAN)
  3. Wide Area Network(WAN)
Local Area Network(LAN)
Metropolitan Area Network(MAN)
Wide Area Network(WAN)
Comparison of LAN, MAN, WAN

Network Topology

Bus Topology
  1. The length of the wires is shorter than the star system.
  2. The building is very easy because computers have to be connected linearly.
  3. It has the potential to cost less to build than any other network.
  1. If the mains is down, the entire network will be down.
  2. If there is a network error, it is difficult to find.
  3. Two special devices have to be attached to the two ends of the main cable.
Star Topology
  1. Easy to build.
  2. Easily connect computers or other devices to the network as well as remove connected computers.
  3. Network troubleshooting is easy.
  1. Next wiring requires more wiring.
  2. If a hub or switch malfunctions, all connected computers malfunction.
  3. The main hub device is more expensive than other methods.
Ring Topology
  1. Data is transmitted faster because the data travels in only one direction.
  2. This network transmits data to a system called a token ring, which is a specialized transmission system that does not collide with each other during data transmission. This can be stated as a major advantage.
  1. If a computer on the network fails, it can cause the network to crash.
Mesh Topology
  1. It is possible to transmit data to computers connected to the network at the same time. This is possible because the computers are connected by separate cables.
  2. If a computer on the network shuts down, the data transmission between other computers will not be interrupted.
  3. Ability to remove and reconnect existing computers from the network without interfering with network performance.
  1. Compared to other network models, network building costs more to maintain.
  2. Net maintenance is very complicated.
Tree Topology
  1. Having separate cables for the main parts of the network makes it easy to find a problem.
  1. If the mains cable is down, the entire network will be down. The wiring is difficult compared to other methods.

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